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A Court of Mist and Fury Book Review

A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMF) is the second series in the new adult, fantasy series, A Court of Thornes and Roses (ACOTAR) by Sarah J Maas. In summary the book continues Feyre’s journey in the fae world, picking up from where the last book ended. I don’t want to talk too much about the actual plot of this book since it’s slightly spoilery if you haven’t read the first book. If you would like to learn more about the first book, feel free to check out my review.

Going into this book I was very, very sceptical. Of course the hype surrounding this series is insane and I didn’t want to have too high expectations while reading. On top of this, everything I heard about this book seemed to revolve around the romance which made me question if this book had any sort of plot at all. Turns out, I was quite wrong and this book did in fact have a kick-ass plot along with a swoon worthy romance. Personally, I can totally see what all the hype is about! I ended up having such an amazing time reading this book and definitely struggled to put it down at times. I really loved getting to learn more about the world, magic system and characters as well as meeting new ones. While I would say the romance is a big part of the story, I don’t believe that it solely dictates the plot or drowns out the other parts of the book at all, but rather compliments and adds to it. So if you are hesitant to pick up this series based on this, you may want to at least give the series a try!

So there we have the spoiler free section of this review. I did want to make this whole review spoiler-free but there was just so much I had to say that included spoilers so I’m very sorry! So if you haven’t read this book, now would probably be a good time to click away and add ACOTAR to your TBR list! Just a heads up that this will be quite a chatty non-spoilery discussion so I’m very much hoping that everything I say does make sense. 😛

First things first we just have to talk about the one and only High Lord of the Night Court, Rhysand. Going into this book I knew a lot of people were head over heels in love with Rhys and from what I learned from the first book I was very curious to see more of him. But OH MY GOD I was not expecting to fall in love with him as much and as quickly as I did. Two chapters into the book and I was absolutely done with Tamlin and begging for Rhys to come in and save Feyre from what was clearly an unhealthy relationship. Right from when Rhys first entered the book he did and said exactly what I would have told Feyre which made me immediately like him infinitely better than Tamlin.               Throughout the book I loved learning more about his past and how much he had sacrificed in order to protect his court and his friends. It was very touching and heart-warming to see just how much he cared about his people. In regards to Feyre, I really appreciated that while he did care for her, he also gave her all the freedom and respect she needed and deserved. Learning more about his powers was also really interesting and I’m interested to see these skills hopefully coming into play in the next book in the series.

I think as a whole, I enjoyed reading about Feyre a lot more in this book then the first one. I think she really matured as a character due to her experiences in the first book and grown into almost a completely different person. It was also amazing to see her, throughout the book, start to gain more confidence in herself and her abilities. As well as that, I loved each scene in which she explored her powers and got to wield them like such a badass during battle. I also can’t tell you how happy I am that she now knows how to read and fight since it was seriously annoying me throughout the first book. Honestly, it was very satisfying to see Feyre fight back against Tamlin’s suppression of her and learn that she was no one’s pet or possession. I am super excited to see her use more of her powers in book 3 and use it to take down Tamlin and the queens and the other courts and the King of Hybern AND LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE WHO TRIES TO RUIN HER WELL DESERVED HAPPINESS!

Now we just have to talk about Rhys and Feyre as a couple. It has been such a long while since I’ve read about a couple who match and complement each other as much as these two do. Throughout the whole book I loved the banter they would have and the sort of love/hate relationship they had especially on Feyre’s behalf at the start of the book. I think their relationship progressed throughout the book at a consistent pace and did not go nearly as fast as I expected. I really hope we do get to see more of them fighting as a team in book 3 since there was not nearly enough of that in this book and I’m sure that together they would make a formidable pair. I was also really happy that they turned out to be mates, something that I had expected because of many theories I had heard from the first book but was still very pleased about. ALSO I DID NOT SEE THAT SECRET BOND COMING BUT I AM SO VERY HAPPY THAT FEYRE IS NOW THE HIGH LADY OF THE NIHT COURT!!!! I’m really, really hoping they can communicate in a similar way though with this new bond. Also, here’s hoping that they get reunited ASAP in the next book!

Let’s quickly discuss Tamlin’s character in this book. Honestly, I’m kind of surprised by how much Tamlin’s character changed from the first book to this one. I wouldn’t quite say it’s un-realistic but it did feel quite out of character for the Tamlin we all knew and loved in book one. I do understand why the author made this decision but I’m still a little upset at the kind, caring Tamlin that we’ve lost. I’m also more than a little upset that Tamlin and Lucien would support the King of Hybern just to get Feyre back. No, no no!! In general, I’m also really disappointed with Lucien for picking Tamlin over Feyre when he could clearly see how unhappy Feyre was. I honestly felt really hurt by his decision and am really hoping he and Tamlin come around in the next book and realise what a massive mistake they have made. And while we’re talking about Lucien, OMGGGG I CANNOT BELIEVE HE IS THE MATE OF ELAIN! I 100% did not see that coming and I’m so intrigued to see how that will effect later events in the book.

Now let’s talk about the members of Rhy’s inner circle! Armen was such as intriguing character who is quite unlike the other characters in the novel. I’m excited to see the part she will play in the next book and I’m hoping we do get to see more of her power eventually. For Mor, I was honestly just really excited to see another kickass woman in this series. Her past was absolutely terrible but it was amazing to see her bounce back from that and turn into the strong woman she now is. Azriel, was a really nice character to read about but I feel like we don’t know too much about him and his past which I feel like I really need in order to understand his character more. I would also like to learn more about what his shadow powers contain since that seems particularly interesting. In the next book though I am very much rooting for him and Mor to form a romantic relationship. It’s quite clear that they both have feelings for each other and I think it would be really great if they acted on these feelings. Cassian was also a fun character to learn about. I really enjoyed the scenes he was in and the scenes in which he was talking with Feyre while they were training. I am also very curious to see how his relationship with Nestra will progress in the next book. I admit, I am kind of rooting it but I do want to see more of their interactions before I do make a final decision on the matter.

Another part of the book I really enjoyed was the expansion of the world. First off, I really enjoyed reading about the Night Court and even the Summer Court. It was nice to see what each court was like and how they were led by their High Lords. I especially liked learning about the Court of Dreams in the Night Court and seeing how not everything in the Night Court was dark and foreboding like I originally thought. I also liked the more in-depth look at the magic system in this world. It was interesting to learn about how magic such as the Siphons worked. I’m excited to visit even more places in Prythian or elsewhere in the next book and learn even more about the magic the characters possess.

Now onto the plot! I think the book progressed at a fair pace and I did like how it was split into three distinct parts/sections. For the most part I really enjoyed the overarching complication of the looming threat of the King of Hybern. Though, there are a few small things that I’m a little sceptical about. First of all, I’m curious as to whether or not any of the other courts have spy masters like Azriel. I’m aware that Azriel is extremely powerful, likely more powerful than other high fae, but I find it quite unlikely that spy masters from other courts wouldn’t know more about the night court. Another thing that had me quite confused was how much Rhys and his friends seemed to completely underestimate the security of the King of Hybern’s castle. I was honestly not surprised that they did end up getting court since they believed that they could just winnow in and out of the room with one of the most powerful magical objects. But obviously, these are such small things that didn’t really impact my enjoyment of the book as a whole.

I’m sure it’s quite obvious by now, but I did very much enjoy this book. I was able to read it within a couple of weeks which is quite fast for me considering its size and the tiny size of the text from the edition I was reading. I would definitely give this book a well-deserved 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Let me know in the comments if you’ve read ACOMAF and what your thoughts on it are! Thank you so much for reading my long and chatty review! I’ll talk with you all later. 🙂

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


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