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My Hogwarts Sorting Crisis

Hi Everyone!

Today I decided to talk to all of you about my Pottermore Sorting Hat experience. In short, it’s super complicated and at the end I’m still not 100% what house I would be sorted in if I ever went to Hogwarts.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, which I doubt but you know just in case… I’m talking about the website Pottermore which is the official Harry Potter which I’m pretty sure was made with the help of J.K Rowling herself! One feature of the website is a Sorting Hat quiz which you can take to sort you into one of the Hogwarts houses. Unfortunately my results have been all over the place so today I thought it would be fun to talk through all of it with you. 🙂

So I first took the Pottermore test in early 2015 when I believe I had just finished reading the first book in the series for the first time. Before taking the test I had no idea what my house would be so I was really excited to find out. Surprisingly I got Slytherin. Slytherin was the house I never considered myself to be a part of and since I had just read the first book I thought all Slytherin’s were mean and evil. After a few months though and after reading a few books I started to accept my fate as a Slytherin and really started to embrace the idea. So basically since then I’ve considered myself as Slytherin and proud!

Then the update to the Pottermore website occurred as well as the revamping of the sorting hat quiz. You might have seen a lot of Booktubers and I think Book Bloggers as well at this point taking the quiz and ending up with different houses from what they thought they would get. So I decided to re-take the test and guess what I got, Gryffindor. Now, as someone who had spent pretty much a year believing they were officially meant to be in one house this really threw me off. I didn’t really consider myself Gryffindor at all and was so confused with this result. So I did what any rational person would do, take the quiz again. And hey, still got Gryffindor…

Fast forward to a few days later where I was still constantly puzzled over the new house I was now meant to be in. I started considering the fact that maybe since I was a year older I had changed and therefore my house had changed. Which then got me thinking about how the characters in Harry Potter get sorted at age 11 and how the person you are at 11 years old is usually totally different then who you are when you’re 18. Basically I had a total crisis and decided to re-take the test again to see what changed. And guess what, I became a Hufflepuff… Now to be totally honest Hufflepuff is the house that I really don’t think I fit in. So while Harry would be saying ‘Anything but Slytherin. Anything but Slytherin.’ I would be saying ‘Anything but Hufflepuff. Anything but Hufflepuff.’ No offense to any Hufflepufff though, you guys are all great I just really don’t think I am one of you! So the crisis continued and I spent the rest of that day, rather than working on homework, retaking the Pottermore quiz and I’m pretty sure I got Hufflepuff, again!

So I decided to put this whole chain of events behind me for a couple of months and forget the whole thing happened. Of course, this new mindset didn’t last for long and the confusion over which house I was meant to be in started to worry me more and more. I still called myself a Slytherin but I didn’t really feel the right to since Pottermore had told me differently. Hence why I made the totally wise decision to re-take the test for a fourth time? Fifth time? To be honest I’m losing count… And take a guess at what house I got sorted into this time. If you guessed Ravenclaw then give yourself a pat on the back because you are 110% correct. So in the span of just over a year Pottermore has sorted me into every single house… HOW!? WHY!? WHY MEEEEEE????? So immediately without fail I took the test again and guess what, I got Ravenclaw again…

So what’s the moral of this story? I’M DIVERGENT AND I CAN’T BE CONTROLLED!

Just kidding, though to be totally honest I wouldn’t mind that. But at the end of the day I realized that I should ultimately be able to choose what Hogwarts house I want to be in and *drum roll* I choose Slytherin! No offense, to all the other house because they’re all great but I definitely feel like I align with the Slytherin house characteristics the most. I think… Okay I don’t really know but I want to be in Slytherin so I’m calling myself Slytherin! In case you want a quick run down as to why I don’t think I belong in the other houses. Hufflepuff: as mentioned earlier I’m just not Hufflepuff material. I really don’t think I am known for being patient and loyal. And just, no thank you! Ravenclaw: I definitely do not consider myself super intelligent and I could not deal with having to solve a riddle each time I wanted to enter the common room. I would probably have to end up spending most nights in the hallway because I didn’t know the answer… Gryffindor: Simply, I just don’t think I have the level of bravery required to be a member of this house and I would feel constantly pressured to turn out into being an amazing hero and just nope… So Slytherin all the way!!

And there we have my Pottermore sorting experience/crisis! Sorry it was so rambly and all over the place but as I was saying, the whole ordeal just makes me feel super confused and stressful. (Yes, I probably do need to sort out the priorities in my life…) But in the comments please let me know if you have had a similar sorting crisis because I really, really hope I am not alone in this! Or if not let me know what house you were sorted into or consider yourself to be! Thank you so much for checking out my post but until next time!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


10 thoughts on “My Hogwarts Sorting Crisis

  1. I’ve taken the test three times, originally I got Hufflepuff, but I forgot my Pottermore username so I took it again… this time I got sorted into Ravenclaw. Honestly I didn’t know what to do with myself. So when the new test came around I thought, please please let this just be the deciding vote, and it was.
    I got Ravenclaw.
    This was the house I have always identified with most and I was very happy to be sorted in to it. So maybe I am a bit of a RavenPuff but hey I am happy with that too.

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