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Hey Everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m here today with a sort of special post that I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now but decided to wait until Valentine’s Day to do it. That is talking about my top bookish OTP’s! So in case you didn’t know OTP stands for ‘One True Pairing’ and while it does specifically say ONE, let’s be real we all have more than that. I’m not quite sure if I would classify myself as a hopeless romantic but I sure am a sucker for a good romance, especially in the books I read! Obviously while I read there are relationships that I find myself rooting a lot more than others and those are the ones I want to talk about today. I have also included the couples ship name in brackets next to their name since what’s a good OTP without a catchy ship name. So without further ado here are my absolute favourite OTPs!

10. Alec and Magnus (Malec) from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

With Shadowhunters premiering at the moment you could definitely say that Malec is on my mind. For some reason I was rather hesitant about Malec at the start of the series but as the books went on I couldn’t help but ship them like there was no tomorrow. I think the main reason why I wasn’t on board at first was because I really didn’t like Alec very much but I’m sure the whole fandom soon began to appreciate Alec as the series went on and Alec got sassier. Malec definitely had their ups and downs throughout the series but ultimately in the end they were the perfect couple and I feel like their relationship was able to bring out the best in both in both of them. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that we get to see more of them in The Dark Artifices and in the Shadowhunters TV Show!

9. Percy and Annabeth (Percabeth) from Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

Percabeth is one of the first OTPs I fell in love with. (Did any Heroes of Olympus readers get the reference ;)) I loved being able to follow Percy and Annabeth’s journey starting from when they were only 12 to when they were 17 and hopefully more in the future if they appear in the Trials of Apollo series. The two balance complement and balance each other out so well so that it basically seems like they were made for each other. I’m seriously hoping we get to see more of this pair in the future because I definitely don’t feel like we got to say a proper goodbye in Blood of Olympus.

8. Simon and Isabelle (Sizzy) from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

I shipped Sizzy right from the start of City of Bones and it was so satisfying to see them actually come together. I loved both of their characters individually and I thought that together they made such a fabulous kick-ass team. I loved seeing their relationship progress especially throughout the later books when they really come together as a couple. Again, I really hope we get to see more of them in The Dark Artifices!

7. Kestrel and Arin (Kestrin) from The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutoski

I absolutely loved the forbidden element this romance had. Kestrin is an example of one of those absolutely beautiful romances who you find yourself rooting for 100% and become so invested in wanting them to become a real couple. The first two books of the series ended with such cliff hangers and it’s been so painful having to wait for a year to see what is going to happen next in their relationship since it could really go anyway. But for now I’m just hoping and praying we get to see a happy ending for them in the last book in the series since I ship them so damn hard!!!

6. Penryn and Raphael (Raffryn) from Penryn and the End of Days series by Susan Ee

The dynamic that Penryn and Raphael have between each other is incredible. They start out basically hating each other and are forced to work together to get what they individually want. The banter these two have is absolutely hilarious and I love every moment they spend together. As the series progresses they start getting closer and closer together, becoming the ultimate badass team. Since the series has concluded I have deeply missed reading about Raffryn and I really wish there had been more than just three books in this series!

5. Cinder and Kai (Kaider) from The Lunar Chronices by Marissa Meyer

Kaider are pretty much ultimate relationship goals. Their romance is so damn cute and ship worthy that it’s basically impossible to not ship them at any point when they’re in the same room. I loved how Marissa Meyer set up their romance arc so it didn’t happen over one book but throughout the series so we were always on the edge of our seat wondering what would happen between them. Again, these two characters fit together so well together and everyone scene between them is so cute and swoon worthy!!

4. Simon and Baz (SnowBaz) from Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

There was no way I expected to like SnowBaz as much as I did. While reading exerts about them in Fangirl I really couldn’t get a proper sense of their character or relationship so didn’t really think I would like them too much when reading Carry On. Boy, was I wrong! Right from the start of the book I was in love with both their characters and immediately started shipping them together. Rainbow Rowell is an absolute boss at creating amazing romances and Carry On is the number one example of this. I’m only a little upset that this is only a stand-alone book so we probably won’t get to see any more of SnowBaz anytime soon. 😦

3. Leo and Calypso (Caleo) from Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

*SPOILERS FOR HOUSE OF HADES!!* This is a couple that came completely out of nowhere yet ended up in me becoming obsessively eager for them to get together. Leo and Calypso’s relationship started off with them hating each other and then gradually grew from there. In case you didn’t know, these types of relationships are always my absolute favourites to read and this was no exception. *SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT*While reading the chapters where they were interacting I was on the edge of my seat and when they were separated I found myself pacing around my house in tears. To be honest, I have no idea why I was so emotionally invested in them at that stage. Caleo was one of my favourite things about the entire Heroes of Olympus series and I was so upset having to say goodbye without being able to see more of them together. Luckily though there is a big chance they will be in the Trials of Apollo and they are probably the thing I’m most excited about in that series!

2. Tessa and Will (Wessa) from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

YES I AM TEAM WESSA THROUGH AND THROUGH! Of course that does not mean I am totally against Team Jessa, since I kind of ship both but I ultimately favour Will. I just found that Tessa and Will were perfect for each other and suited each other so much. I loved how they both loved reading and were able to talk about books together and for god sake they even had the same favourite book! What doesn’t scream a couple being a perfect match then loving the same book!! All through the series I was rooting for this couple to happen and was continually on the edge of my seat flipping through the pages hoping for them to get together. Their relationship also definitely gave me all the feels which is just what I want from a OTP. And yes, I cried for close to an hour after reading the epilogue…

1. Cress and Thorne (Cresswell) from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I don’t even know where to start with Cresswell. This was a ship that I loved right from the beginning and it started making its way up my top OTP list, basically without me realising. If you have no idea who Cress and Thorne are, they are the fairy tale retelling versions of Rapunzel and her prince and are literally like Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled. Basically Cress was this talented hacker who was locked up in a space ship/shuttle (sorry I can’t remember..) and forced to carry out the evil queen’s commands. While in her ‘tower’, Cress heard a lot about Thorne through her hacking since he was a highly wanted criminal. She ends up developing a massive crush on him and when Thorne is then sent to rescue her hilarious awkwardness is ensured. The development of their relationship was absolutely amazing and while reading I would ship them like no tomorrow. I loved both their characters individually and could especially relate to Cress’ character. The two of them together was literally perfect! This may sound really strange but reading about them just made me feel really happy and want to leap and around with joy. Especially during Cress, the Cress POV’s were my favourite and I would be momentarily disappointed whenever one ended and we moved to another character’s one but of course all the POVs were fantastic so I wasn’t upset for long. I would also be lying if I said I didn’t tear up during pretty much every Cresswell moment in Winter even when it wasn’t necessarily sad. I loved how especially in the last book they start to really try and prove themselves to each other by doing heroic sacrifices for the greater good even if it did lead to them being separated a lot. 😦 So yes, I am 100% Cresswell trash and I’m hoping against all hopes that we at least get to see a little more from them in Stars Above and Wires and Nerves (a graphic novel following Iko) both of which I’m super excited to read!!

There we go, my top 10 OTPs from some of my favourite books! Leave a comment letting me know who your favourite OTP or ships are. If there is one thing I love, it’s definitely fangirling over romance fictional characters. So Happy Valentines (of Galentines ;)) Day to everyone, thanks for checking out my post and I shall talk to you all later!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


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