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Shadowhunters Discussion: Episode 2

Hi Everyone!

I’m back here today to talk about Episode 2-The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy of the TV show, Shadowhunters. In case you’ve missed it, Shadowhunters is the TV adaptation of The Mortal Instruments series that is currently airing. I also did a discussion post on the premiere episode in which I went quite in-depth if you would like to see that. I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to continue to do a discussion every week for each new episode but for now I just have too much to talk about to not make a separate post for episode 2 so here you go!

I liked this episode quite a bit more then the first one. I felt like it focused on the plot quite a bit more so there was a lot less cheesy dialogue and more talk about what was happening. Unfortunately in this episode it seemed like the makers of the show really wanted to get across the traits of all the characters by shoving them down our throats, mostly for Jace’s character. I’ll go into this a bit later in the spoilers section since it made the show a lot more cheesier then it needed to be. But on the other hand this episode was still super fun to watch and I feel like Alec and Simon were definitely the highlights of this episode. Their lines definitely had me laughing out loud at multiple times. I would rate this episode 4 for entertainment and probably a 3.5 critically.

Now I’m going to be getting in to the spoilers. Again, please remember that I did like the episode even though I’m going to be a bit picky in this next section. So just as I did in my discussion for the pilot I’ll be breaking my thoughts into categorise and dot points. I personally found this a whole lot easier to get my thoughts across without making this post go on forever so let’s begin!


  • In this episode I was a little bit concerned about how Magnus’ character was portrayed. Even in the first episode he seems a lot more serious and intense rather then funny and sassy. I was also confused with why Magnus decided to run away. This seemed so unlike his character in the books and I’m unsure as to how they plan for him to return.
  • Alec is this episode was so on point! His sassiness was absolutely amazing and hilarious! I cannot wait to see more of him next episode. This has also gotten me so excited for Malec with both their sass put together it’s going to be amazing!!

  • I just have to talk about Luke killing a Circle member. I can’t remember if this happened in the book but it just seemed like an awfully harsh and un-Luke like thing to do.
  • So Hodge was introduced in this episode. Honestly I’ve come to terms with him being a lot younger then in the books but what I was confused about was why we was weapons trainer? Like out of any job he could possibly have weapons trainer was what the writers picked!?

  • Valentine was back and it was interesting to see him using syringes as weapons. I’m definitely interested to see how that’s going to come into play later. What confused me though was why he was killing off his followers for only the tiniest reasons. Like, I get he’s meant to be evil and all but surely he realises that he doesn’t have that many followers left and he’s getting pretty close to killing them all off…
  • I hope in a following episode they decide to name the Silent Brothers like the did in the book. I think this would play out really well if they did another few seasons if you get where I’m coming from. 😉
  • I really liked how they included some Sizzy scenes and the fact that Isabelle is bad at cooking! 😛



  • Again in this episode Jace did have a few cringe worthy lines and I’ve got to highlight just one in particular. When him and Clary are talking about how both his parents died and Clary is sympathetic and says sorry. Jace then says something along the lines of ‘Oh that’s cute, you think I have a heart.’ This was such an un-Jace like thing to say. I understand that they included this line in order to show how Jace grew up being taught that he shouldn’t love and that love is bad but seriously? Did you have to use the line ‘that’s cute’? *Cringes forever*
  • I found Simon’s lines in this episode a lot more hilarious and on-point. On top of this I loved how Alec got so annoyed at Simon for never shutting up. Again I think Simon and Alec really made this episode for me.

  • I absolutely loved the one Jace line where he translates the words on the statue saying ‘Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies.’


  • The City of Bones scene was in this episode which was great to see. I liked how they didn’t copy the movie scene for scene and made the setting slightly different. Honestly I found it kind of funny how the sword came down to lightly touch Clary’s forehead, but beside that it was good I think the flashbacks worked really well as well!


  • This kind of bothered me but in the City of Bones the angel statue was the exact same statue as it was in the movie. It’s not that big a role but I just had to mention it.

  • Okay the Institute! I think it was a cool idea to make the Institute all high-tech but it reached a point where I just had to stop. WHY IS THERE SOME SORT OF TECHNOLOGY THAT ALLOWS YOU TO SEARCH FOR PEOPLE BY NAME? THIS PROBABLY COULD HAVE SOLVED LIKE A BILLION PROBLEMS IN THE BOOK. When they try searching for Jocelyn though it doesn’t work, so why did they need to introduce this technology just to have it not work?? I’m also curious to know who on Earth everyone else in the Institute is but I do understand why they wanted to make the Institute look more busy and interesting.
  • This is also pretty minor but I found it really funny that they took Simon’s van to the City of Bones. Like what transport would they normally use in Simon wasn’t around?

Changes To The Book

  • A big question I have at this point is what the hell is the purpose of the necklace Jocelyn gave Clary. In this episode it allowed clary to help find Dot which was weird and confusing. On top of this I thought Dot had died already from her fall in the first episode and the demon had just shape shifted to look like her. But nope, apparently not. She stayed alive just to go find Magnus running away and then to get killed by Valentine. To be honest, I can see no reason why she had to be kept alive in the first place.
  • Again, I can’t remember if this happened in the book but was Hodge able to talk about the Circle and Valentine. Even so, in the show for somehow who supposedly wasn’t able to talk about it without being hurt he definitely got a lot out without dying. And was he really the best friend of Jocelyn? Because if so I completely forgot about that…
  • Valentine was revealed as Clary’s father in only episode 2… I don’t mind too much since I’m excited to see how the re-ordering of events is going to play out over the season.
  • So the vampires kidnapping Simon… I’m interested to see what’s going to happen now that they’ve pushed this event forward and it was cool being introduced to Raphael Santiago (I’m kind of obsessed with how cool his name is). I like how they acknowledged the accords , something they completely threw out the window in the movie. But I’m curious though as to what the hell the vampires want with The Mortal Cup, even why Luke said the werewolves wanted it in the first episode. Why??

  • I feel like the first season of Shadowhunters is going to end up being a mix between the events of City of Bones and city of Ashes. I feel like half the events of city of Bones have already been included in just two episodes and on top of this they have cast characters such as Meliorn and Camille who are introduced in the second book if not later. All in all though I’m excited to see what happens!

There we have it my thoughts on Shadowhunters episode 2! I apologise for another long post and for the fact that I basically forgot half of the details of the book… I’m really sorry guys, I’ve only read it once a few years ago, it’s probably time for a re-read! But anyway let me know what you thought of episode 2 in the comments and what you hope to see in the rest of the show. Thanks so much for reading!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx



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