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Shadowhunters Discussion: Epiosde 1


I’m here today to talk about the premiere for the TV show Shadowhunters!! In case you somehow missed it, Shadowhunters is a TV adaptation for The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. The show is being aired on Freeform (previously ABC Family) in the US and is available internationally on Netflix. So the first episode title The Mortal Cup was released yesterday and I really want to share my thoughts about them. But don’t worry I’ll talk briefly about it first before going into some more spoiler-y things.

Overall the show was fun and entertaining. It did have a few flaws but it did exceed my low expectations so in the end I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I think it’s important to note that there were a few changes and additions to the show from what I have seen but so far there hasn’t been any completely unforgiveable changes. I actually liked some of the additions made since it created a new level of mystery for the book fans watching the show. For anyone who hasn’t read the books or watched the movie, I feel like the show would be pretty confusing since there was a lot of information being fed to the audience in a short time span of 40 minutes. Nevertheless, this probably won’t be an issue in later episodes.  The main issue I had with the first episode was the script and some of the acting. For the most part the actors did a pretty good job portraying their characters but there were some lines that just weren’t delivered in the right way making them sound unnatural and cheesy. The script as a whole really had me raising my eyebrows a number of times. There was so much cheesy dialogue and try-hard humour that I couldn’t help but cringe at. As for a rating on a critical scale I would rate the first episode 3 out of 5 stars but my rating out of enjoyment as a big fan of the book series would be 4 out of 5 stars.

Now I’m going to be doing a spoilers discussion where I’ll be going more in-depth into my thoughts on the show so far. They will be quite in-depth and possibly a little harsh so I apologise in advance but nevertheless let’s start! While writing this post I struggled to gather all my thoughts into coherent paragraphs and sentences so instead I decided to just write down my thoughts in dot points and sort them into categories. Again, sorry this is going to be quite long…


  • I think for the most part all the actors have done a pretty good job portraying their roles even though the script may not be the best. I particularly liked the way Alec and Simon were portrayed.
  • I also just have to acknowledge also how damn attractive this cast is!

  • I did really like the family dynamic between Clary, her mum and Luke.
  • Jace from the books would never have revealed straight away that Clary had the sight, but I guess it wasn’t really unforgiveable.


  • Why did Jocelyn give Clary a stele? And why was the first thing that came to Clary’s head is ‘Oh is it a paperweight?’
  • At the start while at the café, Clary’s biscuit which she accidentally put down on her notebook disappeared and a drawing appeared of it on the page. It frustrated me how easily Clary overlooked this. THERE IS A PICTURE OF YOUR BUISCUT WHERE YOUR BUISCUT WAS! DON’T YOU FIND THAT SLIGHTLY SUSPICOUS?
  • Talking about Clary being unrealistic, I can’t believe Clary was able to perfectly spray paint the angelic rune on Simon’s van without realising it or without Simon or Maureen wondering what the hell she was doing till after.

  • What was with Jace, Alec and Izzy’s plan in the pandemonium club? It was like ‘Hey, Izzy you come and do some seductive dance so the demons will come toward you, Jace you pretend flirt with that other shape shifting demon and Alec you just go hide somewhere and come out when we need you.’
  • Alan Van Spring could not have played Valentine better!
  • I’m pretty sure Simon would never say ‘So hot’ when he sees Isabelle, the line just seemed so unnatural.
  • The ending to the pilot was the worst. Nothing says cheesy more then some dramatic teen angst love triangle thrown in to create a cliff hanger ending. Why couldn’t they have ended it with some sort of mystery or action scene.


  • Some of Simon’s lines were way too try-hard funny. But at the end of the day I can get on board with Simon saying lots of cheesy jokes so it isn’t too big of a deal.
  • Some of Jace’s lines were delivered so unnaturally making them sound cheesy. I’m hoping this was only a one time thing though.

  • Clary’s cheesy foreshadowing saying ‘My life couldn’t be more mundane.’ was extra cringe worthy though I actually really liked the foreshadowing of Simon singing Forever Young as part of his band.
  • I can’t remember if this is an actual line from the book but the line ‘All the legends are true’ has always really annoyed me. Like, oh really so when can I meet the Abominable Snowman?


  • The Pandemonium scenes were probably my favourite in this episode especially at the start where the Shadowhunters were chasing the demon.


  • Seraph Blades. They basically look like cheap plastic lightsabers which is probably due to the low budget and if there is a second season I really hope they improve them.
  • I thought all of the character’s costumes were very accurate to their character especially Izzy’s! I’ve got to ask though, why did she take off the wig straight away? What was the point of it!?

Changes To The Book

  • I thought it was interesting making Luke a police man. I think it will be interesting to see how this plays into the story in later episodes. I’m also wondering if the other lady at the police station who first sees Clary will play some sort of role in the show.
  • I’m excited to see how Maureen’s character arc is going to play out. If you have read City of Fallen Ages you may remember that Maureen was a character there. It’s interesting to see them push forward her character to the first season and I’m excited to see what will happen especially with her and Simon’s relationship.

  • I liked the change of Dot being made younger and closer to Clary and her mum. Also I can’t remember but was Dot an actual warlock in the books? I thought that was a cool addition to the show though.
  • Magnus now owns the Pandemonium club which kind of confuses me since why would he create a club that demons can go to. Just because Magnus is a warlock doesn’t mean he’s close with demons, right? But still I’m excited to see how this plays into the plot.

  • Apparently Valentine is collecting mundane blood? I think this creates a cool additional mystery for watchers of the show who have already read the book. My prediction is he’s using it for some sort of experiment but others have said it could be to feed a demon army he is creating. Nevertheless I am excited to see!
  • I’m interested to see what the power of Clary’s necklace is that her mum gives her even though at this point I don’t find it necessary to have included.

Yep there we have it! All I have to say about the premiere for Shadowhunters! Well honestly I could say more but I decided that was probably enough… Please leave a comment letting me know what you thought of the pilot episode and whether or not you agree with any of the points I made. Also let me know what scene from the book you are most excited to see in the show! For me it’s got to be Magnus’s party which I really hope they are including! I probably won’t be doing a separate post for each episode but I may depending on how much I have to say about then. Let me know what you would like to see though! Thank you so much for checking out and reading this insanely long post! Until next time. 🙂

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx



13 thoughts on “Shadowhunters Discussion: Epiosde 1

  1. I think you’ve written the first positive review I’ve seen! I watched the episode yesterday and I agree with most of what you said. Did you manage to catch episode 2 as well? I think it makes more sense to watch both episodes one after the other (the acting is marginaly better). Its avalaible through the Shadowhunters app, in any case.

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    1. Haha I’ve been seeing a lot of negative reviews as well which is a shame 😦 I’ve watched the second episode and I’ll have my review out next week after it airs on TV! I agree that the acting was better and I felt like it was a bit less cheesy which was good. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. After the movie, I think the expectations were set very high for this series, which probably accounts for the bad reviews. Pilot episodes are rarely the best in any series, but I don’t think a lot of fans took that under consideration.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, that’s usually the case. 😦 I hope people keep watching though since I’m sure it’s going to get better and I would really like to see another season!


  2. I definitely agree with you, while there was some changes from the book that were cringe worthy, it didn’t make me want to give up the show completely. Jocelyn giving Clary the stele was upsetting though! Like why go through the trouble of erasing her memory for years only to end up giving her the stele?! But the second episode was surprisingly better, I didn’t have this overwhelming need to fix everything, so that’s good. I think the pilot was rough because everyone had such high expectations and were so excited to see TMI getting another shot!

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    1. I definitely agree! Yeah, I’m surprised Clary didn’t ask any questions about the Rune on the stele?? I’ve watched the second episode as well and found it a lot more enjoyable as well 😛


  3. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think it’s always important to keep in mind that the first episode of anything is often the weakest. It’s especially true in the case of a show like Shadowhunters, where the whole thing kind of has to be one huge info-dump. I hope the rest of the series gets better!

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