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Dragon’s Loyalty Blog Award


A few days ago I got nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Blog Award by the wonderful Franciska from Life Is Sweet In Books If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you definitely should!! Can we also just take a minute to appreciate how cute this award is!!

Basically the rules are:

  1. Display the award on your blog.
  2. Announce your win with a post link to the blogger who awarded you.
  3. Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award.
  4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded.
  5. Write seven interesting things about you.

I’m going to be nominating these amazing people!

Raisa from Bookers Blogger

Tori from Book Dreamer

Josie from Josie The Bookworm

Jenny from Reader in a Reverie

Jade from Jade Reads Books

Shelbie from Lu-Lu’s Rants and Reads

I’m sorry if any of you have already been nominated!

Now on to the last step in which I say 7 interesting things about me so let’s go!

1. My favourite movies are Stuck in Love (2012), Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Inception (2010).

2. My least favourite subject in school is Maths.

3. My favourite food is Bacon and Eggs, which I know is technically two different foods but they just go so well together!

4. My favourite social media form is Tumblr, which you should totally follow me on 😉

5. I also really love YouTube and have wanted to make my own channel for a while now but just haven’t really gotten around to it.

6. I like to collect tickets from whenever I go to the cinema.

7. My favourite TV show is the UK version of Skins and my favourite seasons were seasons 5 and 6.

There we have it! 7 fun facts about me! Thank you again to Franciska for tagging me!! Thank you for checking out my post I’ll talk with you all later!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx



10 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Blog Award

  1. I was just nominated for this award too and it led me back to you through a series of clicking! I’m happy I did because I love your blog here. and OMG! STUCK IN LOVE. BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. that was such a great film. Please check out my blog if you have the time ❤ much love!!

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