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Spotlight Saturday #1

Hi Guys!

Today I decided to join in on making Spotlight Saturdays! In case you didn’t know, Spotlight Saturday is a weekly feature created by the wonderful Josie! If you don’t follow her yet I highly recommend you do. Her blog is fantastic and she is always constantly posting! (unlike me… :P) For Spotlight Saturday, basically each Saturday you talk about your favourites of a number of categories. To start with I’m going to use most of the same categories as Josie but depending on what I want to talk about I’ll add or change categories. I’m also not sure if I’ll get around to doing this every single week but maybe every couple of weeks. 🙂 So let’s start!

Spotlight Book

I haven’t actually read a really amazing book I actually read this book a few months ago but I’ve still been completely obsessing over it and that book is Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. I adored this book along with 99% of people on Tumblr. The amount of Tumblr posts relating to SnowBaz (the ship name for the main pairing in the book) is absolutely insane and amazing! I’ve pretty much reblogged every single post I’ve seen so if you follow my Tumblr I apologise for the spam. But beside the book being completely adorable it’s also such a smart intriguing story that includes such awesome complex characters. If you need any more convincing before reading it’s basically Harry Potter meets Rainbow Rowell in the coolest possible way ever. EVERYONE MUST READ THIS BOOK!

Spotlight Movie

I couldn’t possibly give this to any other movie beside Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. I only actually watched all the Star Wars movies this year and really, really enjoyed them. Well not so much the prequels but even so I didn’t absolutely hate them like most people seemed to… But The Force Awakens was absolutely epic and such an entertaining movie to watch! I loved learning about all of the new characters as well as seeing the old characters from the original trilogy again. I loved basically everything about this movie and I cannot wait to re-watch it at some point!

Spotlight TV Show

Over the last month I have been catching up on Teen Wolf. Since December I’ve now watched up to season 3B and plan to watch season 4 this week. In case you haven’t heard, which I’m sure you have at some point, but Teen Wolf is an MTV TV show that follows Scott a boy who is accidentally turned into a werewolf and each season follows a new mystery mostly where evil paranormal creatures are murdering people in the town and Scott with the help of his friends needs to stop them. The first season of the show was quite cheesy but as the season go on they get a whole lot darker. So far I think season 3A is my favourite then 2, 3B and finally season 1. But anyway I can’t wait to catch up on the show hopefully soon!

Spotlight Song

This song came out at the beginning of December and I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since. That song is Blue by Troye Sivan on his new Blue Neighbourhood album. If you haven’t listened to Troye Sivan yet I highly recommend it! All of his songs are super catchy while also having quite meaningful lyrics. Beside Blue, my other favourites on his album are Youth, Heaven and for him. 🙂

Spotlight App

My spotlight app for this week is going to be the app Guvera. Guvera is a streaming app for music, which is kind of like Spotify but in my opinion a lot better. Compared to Spotify, Guvera has a lot shorter ads and unlike the Spotify mobile app you can specifically choose which song you want to listen to from an artist or album with no skip restrictions. What would really frustrate me about the Spotify App is that if I wanted to listen to one song on an album I would have to play through the whole album to get to the song I wanted to lsiten to and I wasn’t even able to skip a song if I didn’t like it. The Guvera App also allows you to listen to songs offline without paying membership. You can also add your friends and see what they’re listening too if you’re looking for recommendations! Basically this app is amazing and I would highly recommend it!

Spotlight Website

I’m going to have to say the Buzzfeed website. I’ve always been a big fan of Buzzfeed but recently I’ve started to become borderline obsesed with it. Buzzfeed is a news and entertainment site that constantly uploads new posts so you always have new articles to look at. It’s a great source for entertainment news and it also uploads tons of fun and crazy quizzes which I have so much fun taking. There is also a bookish section where you can go to check out all the bookish news which I love.

So that’s all we have for today’s Spotlight Saturday! Let me know what your spotlights of the week have been! Thanks so much for reading!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx



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