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Today I’m here with a review of the book Feed by Mira Grant the first book in the Newsflash trilogy. This review is completely spoiler free so feel free to read on even if you haven’t read the book yet. 🙂


Feed by Mira Grant is an adult sci-fi novel following three bloggers Georgia Mason, Shaun Mason and Buffy. They live in a world where there is a cure to the common cold and cancer but from this rose a disease that can cause people to rise from the dead and turn into zombies. The three of them are invited to follow along a presidential campaign where they end up uncovering a lot more then they originally signed up for.

Overall this book was not what I was expecting from what I had read from the blurb. I had imagined an action packed fast paced book filled with bad ass characters taking down zombies. Well in some ways the book was like this but at the same time was also completely different. This book focused a lot more on the political aspects of the world and on how society as a whole had survived and evolved due to the ‘zombies’. I thought this was a unique approach to the common zombie genre which I really appreciated. So I did like and appreciate aspects of the book but I wasn’t so sure about others.

Let’s start with the fact that this is not a young adult book like I originally thought and is actually one of the few adult books I’ve ever read. The main difference I spotted was how detailed and in-depth the book was. A lot of time was taken up by explanations on world building and characters. While this did give me an in-depth understanding of what was happening which I appreciated but it did slow down the book making it hard for me as a not so advanced reader to keep up with everything. Because of this I couldn’t sit down and read for long periods of time but had to continually take breaks. This slowed down my reading hence why it took me a few weeks to read. During action sequences the narrator Georgia would talk through in specific detail what she was doing and what the people around her were doing in order to survive while referencing and other factors of the scene really slowing down the pace of what could have been a fast paced action scene. I guess that must have not been the type of book Grant wanted to write but since the cover and blurb seemed to market the book this way it was a little disappointing. Personally, after a while I came to terms with this but I could see why others may be disappointed. One thing that did continually frustrate me though was the repetition of information. At the start of the book Georgia would talk about something in detail and then go through and explain it in slightly less detail again. I think this happened only a couple of times but it still frustrated me.

Now let’s discuss characters. I’m not sure if this was because of me or the way the characters were written but honestly I didn’t really like or care much about them. I did appreciate what the characters were doing by wanting to reveal the truth through their blog and I admired the dedication to their job but in life or death matters I didn’t really care… Again I don’t know whether this has something to do with the book itself or with me just reading the book at the wrong time where I didn’t feel fully invested in it but it’s one of the reasons why I didn’t like this book as much as I would have wanted to.

But don’t worry it’s not all bad news, as I whole I found the story very interesting and actually really liked it. Sure it wasn’t exactly what I expected but I found myself really appreciating the uniqueness of the plot. I really liked how well thought out and developed the world was showing how much research and dedication the author put in to making this world as realistic as possible. In the book blogs online have become mainstream and a more preferred source of the news over traditional news outlets such as newspapers. I found this idea really realistic and something that is already happening today which I had never previously thought much of. The blogging world itself was built very well in the story with the idea of bloggers being treated like A-list celebrities and the whole blogging community having names depending on what type of material they blogged about. I thought it was amazing how many cameras and microphones the characters wore when they were on the field and just how much work goes into running a large scale blog like the one the main characters did. As the book went on I really loved how the plot thickened and the tension kept piling up. The plot twists and turns were amazing and for the most part had me flipping the pages like there was no tomorrow. I also really liked reading about Georgia and Shaun’s relationship and how close siblings they were. Honestly at first I was a little worried it would turn into a romantic relationship since they were adopted siblings but I am so glad it stayed platonic. I felt that reading about their relationship helped me like them separately as characters a little bit better.

I think I’m going to have to rate this book a 3.5 out of 4 stars. It was an interesting read but I doubt I’ll ever re-read it or continue on with the series. I’m really interested to see what anyone thought of the rest of the books in the series since I’d still be interested in changing my mind if anyone found the other books very good. If you have read Feed though tell me what you thought so we can discuss it in the comments! Thanks so much for checking out my review!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


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