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Hey everyone!

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last few weeks. I’ve been so busy and barely got anytime to write up a post. But now I’m back! And hopefully for a while! 🙂 Today I’m doing the Harry Potter tag since I just recently finished the series and really wanted to share my thoughts about it. I wasn’t tagged by anyone but am just doing it anyway. My answers are quite short and sweet since I still have a bunch to do today. But let’s just get on with the questions.

1. What is your favourite book?

Obviously I loved all the books so much but my favourite is probably Death Hallows. It just wrapped up the series so well and was everything I could have hoped for!

2. What is your favourite film?

DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2!! I feel like it took the franchise to a whole new level and was done so epically!! (Is that even a word..?) I loved how true it was to the book and how each scene managed to get the same emotions from me as the book did. It’s definitely my favourite by far.

3. What is your least favourite book?

I’d have to say Half-Blood Prince. I felt like the main plot in the book wasn’t as interesting as the others and I felt like the main reason it existed was to tell us more about Voldemort’s history. By overall it was still an amazing book and I think I still gave it a 4-5 star review on Goodreads.

4. What is your least favourite film?

I may have to go with Half-Blood Prince for this one as well. While it still was a great movie and was definitely entertaining I just didn’t like it as much as the others for some reason. They also changed the story a little from the book in my opinion which was confusing. Everyone seems to love this movie and the dark cinematography and while I do appreciate it, it wasn’t really my type of thing.

5. Parts of the books/films that made you cry?

So bookish wise I teared up at the end of Goblet of Fire and full on cried and sobbed at the end of Order of the Pheonix and Deathly Hallows. Movie wise I did shed a couple of tears at the end of Deathly Hallows Part 2. Keep in mind that since I read the series relatively recently I was spoiled for a lot that happened and therefore was already expecting a lot of the emotional events that occurred.

6. If you could hook up with any character, who would it be?

I’ll probably go with Ron for this one. Ron was such an amazing character who was super relatable and who I really enjoyed reading about. I also really loved Fred and George who were awesome as well. So pretty much the Weasley’s. 😛

7. Who is your favourite character?

Eek there are so many to choose from!! My top favourite would probably be Hermoine. She’s such a strong and intelligent character who always had her friend’s back. It was impossible to not like her but honorable mentions to Fred, George, Neville, Sirius and Lupin who I also loved.

8. Who is your least favourite character?

So in terms of villains I hated Peter Pettigrew for obvious reasons but in terms of good characters I didn’t really like Cho. I do understand that she was was going through some tough times but she did enoy me quite a bit and it didn’t help that Harry had no idea how to handle it. Aside from her I also wasn’t the biggest fan of Cedric. He did redeem himself a little toward the end of the book but for msot of the book I really didn’t care about him and he seemed pretty plain and boring to me.

9. What is your least favourite line?

I can’t really think of a specific line in the book that I hated so I’m just going to give this question a skip.

10. What would your Patronus be?

I’m actually pretty much terrified of all animals. I know, I’m weird… So I have no idea what my Patrons would be but I would really like to have an elephant patronus, because I do like elephants for some reason. 🙂

11. If you could have the resurrection stone, invisibility cloak or elder wand, which would it be?

Totally the invisibility cloak! The resurrection stone barely works and I really can’t see myself really needing the elder wand. But just imagine all the pranks I could do if I was invisible! *evil laughter*

12. Which house would you be in?

Pottermore sorted me into Slytherin and the more I think about it, the more i see it. I just hope I’m not as mean as most of the Slytherin’s in the book are.

13. If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?

Emma Watson!! Meeting Emma Watson would be so awesome! She’s such a talented and inspirational person plus she seems super sweet and amazing. Meeting her would be like a dream come true!

14. If you were on the Quidditch team, which position would you play?

I suck at sports so I probably wouldn’t play at all but if I had to pick a position I would probably be a beater because It seems quite fun and the one position I may actually be able to play.

15. Were you happy with the ending?

Yes. The ending was wonderful and I don’t know how it could have been made better!

16. How much does Harry Potter mean to me?

A lot, maybe not as much a some people since I didn’t grow up reading the books and watching the movies but now that I have read and watched them I find myself constantly about it and always ready to talk about it even though most of my friends are already completely over it.

There we have it! The Harry Potter tag! Thank you all for reading and sorry again for my unexplained absence. I won’t be tagging anyone but feel free to do this tag anyway, it never stopped me. 😛 Talk to you all next time!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


3 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Tag

  1. Haha, every time I do the sorting hat quiz, I get put into Slytherin 😀 I’ve always wanted to be in Slytherin, even though everybody else is running after Gryffindor 😛


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