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Top 5 Wedneday: Tropes You Hate

Hi Guys 🙂

This week’s topic is tropes from books that you hate. After a bit of researching I was able to come up with a number of random tropes that I continually see in books that annoy the hell out of me. I just want to say that this is just my personal opinion and I’m not trying to say there is anything wrong with liking or loving these tropes. So I just had to clarify that. 😛 Now let’s start!

5. Secretive Characters

This is such a random pet peeve but it’s one I find really annoying. Now there’s a certain degree to which I find this trope annoying. In case you don’t really know what I mean by this, I mean when a character does something or is about to do something and decides to not tell anyone because they feel like no one or someone won’t support them or understand them. The reason why this came to mind was because I recently read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows just last night. This was probably just me but I was so annoyed when Harry never told anyone about the horcruxes. It lead to me just shouting at Harry through the book saying ‘GOD DAMN IT HARRY TELL SOMEONE SO THEY CAN HELP YOU!!’ I also find it really annoying when a character does something and feel guilty about it so decides to hide it from their love interest/partner, just making the situation worse later on. I always find this super frustrating and again leads to me wanting to bang the characters head against the wall to put some sense into them.

4. Insta-Love

This is a super common one that I’m sure will be on a lot of peoples list. I find with the books that I’ve been reading recently that insta-love hasn’t been popping up too much, which I’m very thankful for. What I have been noticing though is this strange pattern in books where one minute a character shows no interest whatsoever in a character and the next they suddenly start acting like they’ve liked them for such a long time. I’m not sure if this is just something I’m imagining while reading books but I’m finding it very, very annoying. One of my favourite things about romances is seeing them build up which I hope to see more of in the books I read.

3. Hard To Pronounce Fantasy Names

This is more of a pet peeve, but still something I find super annoying! Basically, as I’m sure you know, in every fantasy book ever the characters always have the most exotic names that are sometimes pronounced completely differently from how they’re spelt. Now this is okay, if a little frustrating, but it starts getting even worse when you have to remember all the names of the 50 characters in the book and all the names of places in the book AND any other part of the world that has a unique name. What makes this whole situation even worse is when these names are similar or both have the same start. One sort of example of this is in A Court of Thornes and Roses where the main character is called Feyre. Feyre of course means faeries and you would assume that because her name literally means ‘faerie’ she would be a faerie in a world that does have faeries. But nope, she’s just a regular human who has an awfully suggestive name… I do understand this is a little picky, but I can’t help it okay, it just frustrates me!

2. Character in Love With Their Best Friend

By this I mean the fact that no male and female characters can ever be friends without one of them being in love with the other. Now I do know there are a few exceptions, where two friends don’t love each other, which I am very thankful for. I also just want to say that sometimes this dynamic works really well and I totally ship it, like in Love, Rosie. But for this purpose I’m talking about those specific times when an author seems to go, ‘Oh look a girl, oh look her friend is a boy! I wonder what would happen if I paired them up…’ FOR NO SEEMINGLY LOGICAL REASON! This turn of events usually leads to horrible trope number 1… *DUH DUH DUHHH*

  1. The Love Triangle

Ahh yes, that horrible moment while reading a book when you realise that there are two potential love interests, no foreseeable reason for it ever and an obvious winner. I HATE it when a love triangle is thrown into a book just to add to the plot. I think that in some situations if a plot needs two love interests to start with then it isn’t a strong enough plot to carry a novel. Note the ‘in some situations’ because there are always exceptions to a rule where a love triangle manages to blow me away but these situations are seriously rare. I also can accept love triangles when they aren’t really added for the main plot but just as the romance. I don’t know if that makes any sense at all but I’m kinda trying to explain why I don’t mind the Throne of Glass love triangle… I also hate love triangles when as I mentioned earlier, one of the contenders is the characters best friend. For a number of cases, I find that the plot and story would have been fine, if not better if the character had just remained as a friend. Another thing I find annoying about love triangles is when there is a clear winner. Like why even try to build up this whole mystery of ‘ooh who will she/he end up with??’ when everything can clearly see who the winner will be!!

So while I love complaining about all these things, it’s probably time to wrap this up. Let me know if you agree or disagree with any trope I talked about or comment what tropes you hate. Thank you all for checking out my post and I’ll talk with you all later!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wedneday: Tropes You Hate

  1. The secretive trope is definitely one that pushed my buttons too! It is really frustrating when especially the main character does something and then hides it for the reason of fear or guilt. Like, come on man! Especially when us as readers know what is going on and that keeping secrets is bound to end in disaster.
    The best friend love trope is everywhere. It is not something I dislike but I do get tired of it.
    As for insta-love, that’s obvious. Insta love is tragic.
    I personally enjoy love triangles when they are done well! I love the angst and tension and drama, guessing who the MC will end up with. xoxo

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