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Top 5 Wednesday: Debut Novels


Today for Top 5 Wednesday we’re talking about our favourite debut novels. So my list today is a bit all over the place but I decided to choose debut novels that made me want to read more from that author. On that note, let’s start!

5. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

I’m sure you’ve all heard of this book because of the massive hype that surrounded it. While this isn’t my favourite book of all time it still really intrigued me and made me really want to read more from Jennifer Niven. This book only came out at the start of the year so I doubt a new one will come any time soon but I’d definitely be up for reading it. I would also be curious as to what it was about though I have a feeling it would have something to do with mental illness. I feel like this book definitely gave us a taste of Jennifer Niven’s but I’m sure a lot more even better stories are soon to come.

4. Angellfall by Susan Ee

In case you didn’t know I absolutely adore the Angellfall series and would definitely classify it as one of my favourite series at the moment. I haven’t read End of Days yet, please don’t kill me, but I’ve been looking forward to reading it forever and I’m just waiting till the physical copy comes out later this week before getting it and reading it. But with the end of the Angellfall series this gives Susan Ee the opportunity to hopefully write more books. I’m really curious as to what type of book Susan Ee might write next though I’d be totally on board with any book that she publishes. While Angellfall was an amazing book it also gave us a taste of an amazing author and I’ll definitely be open to any book that she writes.

3. Popular: A Memoir by Maya Van Wagenen

I would read absolutely anything by Maya, literally. Her memoir inspired me and made me really admire her. I do know that she signed a book deal with penguin for at least two books so a new one is definitely going to be coming sooner or later. While I wouldn’t mind reading a continuation of her memoir, I think it would also be cool to read a fiction book by her to get a sense of what her writing style in that particular genre would be. I would be ready to support her no matter what type of book she publishes since I think she deserves all the success she has and more. I’m more then excited to read something new from Maya.

2. We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach

It wasn’t until after I finished this book till I realised that Tommy Wallach is actually a musician. In case you didn’t know he also wrote a bunch of songs compiled into an album that go along with the book. I’m pretty sure We All Looked Up is my favourite book of the year so far. It was so interesting and intriguing and was such a great. Tommy Wallach has such a unique and amazing writing style that really stood out for me. I would be so excited in he announced a new book and would probably be first in line to read it. I think We All Looked Up definitely doesn’t get as much credit as it’s worth, in my opinion everyone needs to read this book ASAP!! But anyway, his first book was amazing and I can’t to read any of his new books whenever they come.

1. Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil

I’m sure you all saw this coming considering how often I rave about Life In Outer Space on my blog, but here I am about to gush even more about it. Life In Outer Space was such a funny, relatable and entertaining book that introduced me to such an amazing author who I can’t wait to read more of. I really loved Melissa Keil’s writing style in this book along with all of her fun nerdy references in the book. This made it such an entertaining read and the perfect book for any nerd. I’m basically hanging on the end of seat to hear any more news about a new Melissa Keil book considering the success of her first two. I also really loved The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl but not as much as Life In Outer Space in case you were wondering. Nevertheless, I would read literally anything that Melissa Keil wrote and I really hope a new book is currently in the works!!

Leave in the comment what your favourite debut novel is or what author you’re currently waiting for a new book from!! Thanks for reading!!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


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      1. I read the first pages of End of Days when I got the preview and I completely forgot went on in the first book so a re-read probably couldn’t hurt for me either 😛

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