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Something Real Book Review

Something Real is a contempory young adult novel by Heather Demetrios which follows Chloe Baker who was part of the famous realty TV show ‘Baker’s Dozen’. The show was about Chloe’s family which included her 12 siblings, hence the name “Baker’s Dozen’. Around 4 years ago, because of Chloe the show was cancelled and since then Chloe has been trying to get over how the show affected her life. Now, Just when she thinks she is finally normal again the show starts up again as a spin off of the original show called ‘Bakers Dozen: Fresh Batch’ which now features Chloe’s new stepfather after her parents divorced. The book follows Chloe trying to deal with being a celebrity because of the show while trying to keep up her normal life.

On a whole the book was interesting but took me way too long to read for a contempory, which I usually always fly through. It also really surprised me since it was very different to what I thought it would be and not necessarily in a good way.

To be totally honest I picked up this book entirely because of the cover since I had absolutely no idea what it was about. When I did look up a synopsis though I was just as excited to read it. The whole idea of the main character having 12 siblings got me really excited and having it on TV just made it seem even better. Though as I continued reading the story it was nothing like I thought it would be. There was hardly any talk about her relationships with her siblings except the two oldest ones, Benny and Lexie I found this really frustrating because even though I liked hearing about Benny and Lexie the other siblings were hardly ever mentioned, not even enough to call them side characters. Instead the book focused more on Chloe and her celebrity status merging with her normal life. Although this wasn’t terrible and I did totally sympathise with Chloe it did seem a little shallow at times which leads me to my next point.

Chloe herself. So her real name is Bonnie but she likes to be called Chloe, just to clear up any confusion I’ll mention that. In the book they also used a little copyright symbol next to their names of the characters which I never really understand so sorry if I was meant to include that…

The whole story was that Chloe didn’t want to be one camera but is forced to be part of the TV show. This seemed like a bit of a weak plot for a 400 page book. The pacing of the story was also a little strange. At the start the book had quite a slow pace hence why it took me weeks to read it. As the book progressed though the pacing started to quicken then the book suddenly just ended. The pacing was either too fast or too slow the whole book which really frustrated me. I know I sound way too picky but that’s just how I felt.

Don’t get me wrong I still liked some parts of the book. I liked the small snippets of the book that were written in script form, it reminded me a bit of Me, Earl and the Dying Girl. Using scripts were an interesting and relevant way to tell part of the story and I only wish there were more of these.

Another part of the hook I really enjoyed were the characters. Although I didn’t love Chloe I did really like the other side characters. So first of all, Benny who I’ve already mentioned. He was such a fun and interesting character who I really felt for. He wasn’t your typical comic relief character but he was still super funny which I really liked. Another character who I just have to mention is of course Patrick, Chloe’s classmate who she has a crush on. I loved absolutely everything about him and how much he changed Chloe into a better person. If he wasn’t in the book I would definitely like this book a whole lot less.

All in all, Something Real was an okay book but it’s definitely not something I’d re-read. I’m probably going to be reading Heather Demetrios’ other book soon though which I’m still excited about.

Let me know if any of you guys have read this book and what you thought about it or if you’re interesting in reading this. Also tell me what you thought if you’ve read Heather Demetrio’s other book. Thanks for reading and talk to you next time!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


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