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Top 5 Wednesday: Worst Series Enders


Sorry for not being very active here for a while I’ve just been super busy with school and that sort of thing. 😦 Though my holidays do start next week so I hope I’ll be able to be more active here then. Anyway let’s just get on with top 5 Wednesday. So the topic is worst series which I really struggled with. Thinking about it I realised the lack of series is actually finished which is terrible! And out of the series I had finished I didn’t really hate any of the endings. Because of this I kinda had to stretch the definition of ‘worst’ to come up with my list. So in case you’re wondering why I still rated the majority of these books 4-5 stars there’s the reason, so I’m sorry about that. But without further ado let’s start!!

5. Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

So to be totally honest me and the ending of this book have a love/hate relationship. On one end the book was super fun and the ending was awesome though unfortunately on the other hand it was boring and uneventful. As soon as I finished this book I ran off to fangirl with all of my friends and the entire internet about it. I was really disappointed to find out though that a lot of people really didn’t like the ending and when hearing why they thought this I sort of started to agree with them. Depending on the way you look at it, the ending was really quite predictable and pathetic and for the end of such a popular series it would really didn’t live up to any expectations. My lack of love for this book may have just come from my overly high expectations with I can’t just blame the book for. Though of course it was still a Percy Jackson book and there is no possible way I couldn’t have enjoyed it overall hence why I would still highly recommend you read this book/series!!

4. Champion by Marie Lu

It’s hard to explain what exactly I didn’t like about this ending without spoiling the ending but I’ll try anyway. Basically the book was fine beside the last couple of chapters and the epilogue. The events that happened were really shocking and before I really had any time to process this, BAM, the book was over. I know a lot of people really really hate this book including the ending though I definitely don’t hate it as much as most people do. Overall I still really loved the legend series and would surprisingly still recommend it. Just warning you though, you may be disappointed by the ending.

3. Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Haha so I’m pretty sure this book will be in a lot of people’s list so I’ll try and keep is short. So the main reason why everyone hates this book isn’t exactly the main reason why I disliked it. Although this reason definitely played a part in my dislike of the end there were a bunch of other factors as well. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the book or series though and I will forever continue to recommend them. I would have liked Veronica Roth to write an alternate ending though just to see what would have happened if what actually did happen didn’t go down… Does that make sense?? Oh well I’m sure you guys understand.

2. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Another one of those series you either love or hate while I, personally am still sitting on the fence. I didn’t think the book or ending was terrible, don’t get me wrong, but some definite improvements could have been made. The main issue I had with the ending was the lack of information we got about the world and especially the characters at the end of the book. In fact it wasn’t until I’d finished reading the book when it hit me that I had no idea what happened to half of the characters at the end and that they were basically missing in action. This really annoyed me and I’m crossing my fingers that the movie will hopefully fill in the gaps that have been left gaping open. Although I still rated this book pretty highly, having a couple extra chapters added definitely would have improved it.

1. The Death Cure by James Dashner

So we reach number 1 and really the only book on this list that really had me wanting to throw it at someone. First off let’s talk about the fact that this moved incredibly slow!! Not as slow as The Scorch Trials, but still by any definition, SLOW!! In quite a lot of books the pacing does start off slow but then starts to pick up like in the first book The Maze Runner which is perfectly fine. But no, this one continued going on its measly place for which felt like forever. Though while going at this slow pace, BOOM, end of book with absolutely no resolution. So a book not having a happy ending is of course not the end of the world and doesn’t define the book as bad. But the fact that the setting of the book just got worse then in the first book and the so called ‘protagonist’ didn’t really do anything to improve the situation just made the series feel pathetic and like a complete waste of time. Let’s also say another certain event happened that also had me fuming which definitely could have been avoided or at least made more acceptable. This probably makes no sense since I’m trying not to spoil anyone but you may understand what I mean if you have read the series. Okay that’s all I can really say without giving anything else away but seriously if someone hands you this series to read, RUN!!! Get away as far as you can and just say you’ll watch the movies, because seriously you won’t regret it in the least. To say I have faith in the movies is probably stretching it but here’s hoping they can make a couple of refined tweaks to the story to hopefully make it a bit more bearable.

That’s all for top 5 Wednesday this week. Haha I told myself I’d try and keep it short but I guess I just had too much to say about these books. 😛 But thank you all for reading and chancing out my page and be sure to comment whether or not you agree with me or what your worst series enders were. Any that I should steer clear from? Also let me know if you’ve done this topic on your blog. I know I don’t say this enough but I love discussing with all of you in the comments so please keep those comments coming!!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


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