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Top 5 Wednesday: Bookish Habits

Hello 🙂

Yay! It’s Wednesday again so that means top 5 Wednesday again! 😀 Just letting you know I’m going to be away for school for the next three days so if I don’t answer your comments for a while that will be while, so sorry but I’ll try and get to them as soon as I get back! So as you probably already noticed this week’s topics is top bookish habits. Since I’ve been reading for quite a while I do have lots of habits so it was easy enough to pick my top ones. Here we go!

5. Reading multiple books at once

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has this habit though I still feel really guilty about it. Sometimes I pick up new books while I’m still reading others just because I get a bit bored with the others. Sometimes it gets so bad that I’m reading 4 books at once which is really crazy and definitely not something I want to continue doing. Although there is the advantage that I usually end up finishing a lot more books I’m sure I would finish even more if I just concentrated on one at a time.

4. Not finishing series

I’ve pretty much lost count of the number of series that I’ve started and never finished. Even though some of the books I didn’t really love I still really want to know what happens. This I admit mostly happens with fantasy series since one book takes ages for me to read and I just never get around to reading them all since I’m too scared to commit to it and then end up not liking it. There is also the problem that I usually don’t have the next book in the series with me once I finish the first one so that may also have something to do with it. Let me know if you guys have this problem, because it’s one I really need to fix ASAP!

3. Procrastinating while reading

This is one I’m really guilty of. Usually I set a specific time in my day to read and I plan to read as much as possible in that time. Though usually when this happens I will start out reading and read a couple of pages and then decide to go on the internet to look up something I read in the book or read reviews of the book online. This is terrible since it slows down my reading pace and takes me three times as long to finish a book. Since I’m going away for retreat next week though where there won’t be any internet I will hopefully be able to get a bunch of reading done, fingers crossed. 🙂

2. Reading books that everyone else is reading

Because I follow so many book bloggers and vloggers it’s pretty much impossible to not pick up on all of the books other people are reading. And when everyone is reading a new release that everyone love’s I just need to pick it up. For example recently everyone’s been talking about the Red Queen. Because of this I bought the book even though I’m not a big fan of fantasy books. I do this pretty much every month which is definitely not something to be proud of. It is also the reason why my TBR pile at the moment is higher than Mount Everest. 😦

1. Buying way too many books but not reading them

So this kind of links with the last one but is probably the biggest and worst bookish habit I have. I have about 150 books and I haven’t specifically counted but I probably haven’t read over 50 of them. Usually every time I go to the shops I specifically avoid the book shop because I count on one hand the number of times I’ve left the bookshop without buying anything. I ‘m pretty sure a lot of you guys probably face this problem as well and recently for me it’s just getting worse. I suppose I should be going on a book buying ban very soon!

That’s all for top 5 Wednesday this week. Let me know what top bookish habit you have or if you have any of the same ones as me. Thanks for reading and talk to you next time!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


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