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Love Hurts Book Review

Love Hurts is an anthology put together by Malorie Blackman featuring short stories and exerts from 23 different authors. The full list of authors include Malorie Blackman, Patrick Ness, Lauren Myracle, Gayle Forman, Susie Day, Non Pratt, Bali Rai, Jenny Downham, Maureen Johnson, Melvin Burgess, Laura Dockrill, Phil Earle, David Levithan, Marcus Zusak, Andrew Smith, Matt Haig, Tabitha Suzema, Lauren Kate, Marcus Sedgwick, Catherine Johnson, James Dawson, Philip Pullman and E. Lockhart. All of the exerts and short stories featured the main theme of ‘love’ and the different stages and types of love that exist. I received this book for review on Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. The official release date of the book is the 29th of January.

When I first saw this book on Net Galley I got super excited to read it. I love anthologies and was super excited to read one based on romance with authors I love such as Gayle Forman and E. Lockhart. It wasn’t until I read a couple of reviews when I realised that most of the book was comprised of extracts from the author’s already published books, which at first was a bit disappointing. After shaking off this minor set back I still went into the book hoping to find some new books and authors to add to my already too long to be read pile. And of course with that aim in mind I came out of the book quite successfully.

I read/re-read all of the extracts and short stories even if some of them did have a lot of spoilers. Overall I did enjoy all of the stories though some definitely more so then others. I did find myself enjoying the short stories a bit more though just because we got to hear a whole story and weren’t left confused or disappointed as I was while reading some of the extracts. I also found it hard to like some of the extracts because of how short they were and how little we got to know the characters. Add in the fact that small things were mentioned that made absolutely no sense making the extracts even more confusing.

The introduction by Malorie Blackman was a perfect way to start of the book and gave me a great idea of what I was in for without giving away too much. I loved the range of different love stories there were from cutesy romances to forbidden love, from couples first falling in love to someone having a broken heart. I also liked the diversity of the different characters and the fact that were also LGBTQ stories included as well.

One of my favourite stories was Malorie Blackman’s called Humming Through My Fingers. It was definitely very cute but also very interesting since it followed a girl who was blind. I also loved the short story Tumbling, by Susie Day since it was super funny and the main character was very relatable. I also really liked the story by Laura Dockrill about a transgender teenager going through a sex reassignment which I found really interesting. David Levithan’s story was also super fun to read though still had a serious side.

Some of the extracts I liked were from The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle, 13 Little Blue Enveloped by Maureen Johnson (which was super funny) and Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith and Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. Of course these are already added to my never ending TBR pile if they were not on it already.

Overall Love Hurts was a nice and entertaining read which introduced me to lots of new books and authors. The majority of the stories and exerts were cute and fun though some were a little uninteresting and hard to get through. I also would have preferred the book to be made up of just short stories instead of exerts so there wouldn’t be any spoilers for the various books or leave the reader confused about what happened before the exert took place. All in all I would recommend reading Love Hurts though only if you love reading romance books. I’d rate it a solid 3 and a half stars!

Thanks again to Random House Publishers UK for letting me review this book and if you’d like to read it yourself it comes out on the 29th of January (tomorrow)! Let me know if you’re planning on reading Love Hurts and your thoughts if you’ve already read it! 😀

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


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