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Top 5 Wednesday: Authors You Would Like To Meet


Yay it’s Wednesday again, so I guess that means Top 5 Wednesday!! This week’s topic is super fun, top 5 authors we would like to meet! Of course it was easy thinking of 5 authors that I would like to meet but the challenge came in picking a TOP five. But alas, I have come up with my list and without further ado, here we go…

5. Melissa Keil

Melissa Keil is an Australian author so meeting her would definitely possible. In case you haven’t hear of her she’s written one of my all-time favourite books Life In Outer Space and her other book (which was also amazing), The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl. I loved her relaxed writing style and how realistic her stories were. I also love all of her characters and how cute and nerdy her characters are. As an added bonus her books are hilarious and constantly had me cracking up. I think meeting Melissa Keil would be so much fun and because of all her nerdy references in her books I feel like we’d have lots to talk about. Plus I would just really like to tell her how much I loved her books! 😀 Also you can check out my review for The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl here if you would like to learn more about it. 🙂

4. John Green

So I’m pretty sure everyone and everyone’s grandma knows who John Green is so I doubt you’ll need any explanation on him. John Green is also one of my favourite authors and it would be AMAZING to meet him! Especially considering how famous he is and the small fact that he lives on the other side of the world, meeting him doesn’t seem very likely but a girl can dream right? The only reason why he’s not higher up on the list is because John Green seems like such an intelligent person and to be hones I don’t know what we could talk about. But anyhow, meeting him would be an absolute dream come true hence him coming in number.

3. Maya Van Wagenen

I just read Maya’s book Popular and really loved it! From her book she seems like such a cool and awesome person who I would really like to know. Some of the things she did in her book really inspired me as well as her overall success with her book and being on the Time’s list of most influential teens. Also since we are almost the same age I think I would definitely feel more comfortable talking to her and I would definitely want to let her know how much I loved her book. Although it is unlikely I’ll be able to meet her, at least not for a while, I would most likely be first in line if she ever did a book signing here in Australia.

2. Rainbow Rowell

Again, another one of my favourite authors on this list, surprise, surprise! I absolutely adore all of the books I’ve read from Rainbow so meeting her would also be a dream come true. Her books are all super cute and real and you can’t possibly read them without giggling from all the cuteness at least once. Rainbow also seems like a super nice person and talking to her would be really great and I’m sure we would find lots to talk about. And of course I would really want to praise her books and tell her how much I loved them. Although I doubt this could happen any time soon though thinking about it can’t hurt right?

1. Cassandra Clare

My all-time favourite author definitely had to be on this list. Plus meeting her could totally be possible!!! In case you haven’t heard Cassandra Clare and Holly Black were planning on coming to Australia later this year to promote the second book in the Magisterium series. They said they were planning on attending the Brisbane Writing Festival but here’s hoping they drop by Sydney as well!. But I would love to discuss with Cassandra Clare about her books and I would really like to tell her how much I love her books and Will Herondale as well. 😉 So fingers crossed that this can actually happen, which would be beyond amazing!!

So there are my top 5 authors I would love to meet. Sorry this post is super rushed and a day late. I’ve been kind of busy lately so didn’t have much time to write, and put this up. Also just want to say thanks for all the likes and comments from my last Top 5 Wednesday. Thanks heaps!!!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


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