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Top 5 Wednesday: Series I Want To Start This Year

Hey Again!

So it’s Wednesday, so Top 5 Wednesday time! Since it’s still just the start of 2015, this week’s topic are the top 5 series you want to start in 2015. SO I’m sure like many other book lovers there are a lot LOT more than 5 series we want to start but here are the top ones that I’m the most excited and eager to start.

5. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

I just bought this first book last month and I know the second book is coming out this month so it’s the perfect time to pick up this series. The series was also optioned for a TV show so I would to read it before then. I’ve only heard good things about this series but it is a high fantasy book which to be honest, I’m a bit nervous about. I’m determined to read this book in 2015 though I’ll probably read it around June/July.

4. The Newsflash Trilogy by Mira Grant

So I also just bought the first book in the series Feed, and I’ve been wanting to read this series for a while now but just haven’t gotten around to it. All I know about it is that it’s about zombies and bloggers so what more could you possibly need in a book! 😛 Can’t wait to pick this one up especially since I haven’t heard too many people talking about it.

3. Under The Never Sky Trilogy by Veronica Rossi

It feels like EVERYONE has read this series and EVERYONE has loved it. Me being me though I haven’t even picked up the first book yet so will probably be the last person to join the party. The plot does sound super interesting and right up my alley. Also if you haven’t see the book trailer yet, WATCH IT! It looks pretty damn awesome! Can’t wait to finally read this series!

2. Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawking

Again, it feels like absolutely everyone has read and loved this book and of course I still haven’t. 😦 So this year I pretty much have to read it since it seems so funny and action-packed and definitely something I’ll really really enjoy. I plan to read Rebel Belle before the second book comes out, Miss Mayhem (right?), so fingers crossed I can accomplish that.

1. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Right now I’m feeling all the shame. Meet the only book lover to have never read (and even more shamefully, watch) any of the Harry Potter books/movie. But please, please close your mouths and put down your weapons in 2015 this IS happening, NO EXCUSES WHATSOEVER. Last year my terribly lame excuse was that I didn’t want to read any of the books until I had owned them. That is no longer an issue since I have recently purchased all 7 of the beautiful new UK editions as well as the first movie so I’m all ready to go! I plan on reading the first book this month and try at least read a minimum of 1 Harry Potter book a month. But rest assured, I am absolutely 100% determined to finish this series and watch all 8 movies by the end of 2015. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!

Haha so there you all go, the 5 series I plan to start reading this year. Good thing the topic wasn’t series to finish since that would have been a massive list… *Ahh sigh* so many books so little time 😦 Anyhow let me know the series you want to start this year and what you thought of any of the series I’ve talked about. 😀

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


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