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Top 5 Wednesday- Top Books Read This Year

Hey Guys!!

Happy New Years Eve!!!!  It feels like it was just last month when it was the start of 2014 but now it’s almost 2015 which is just crazy! But anyway, as it’ Wednesday today I’m doing top 5 Wednesday. Sorry about the lack of Top 5 Wednesday posts over the last few weeks I wasn’t really feeling inspired on the topics… But moving forward I definitely couldn’t miss out on today’s topic. So in case you missed the title today’s topic is Top 5 books you’ve read in 2014. When I came up with my list I compared it with my top 5 list from halfway throughout the year they were almost identical. So without further ado here are my top 5 favourite books of the year.

5. Love Letter To The Dead by Ava Dellaira
I read this book back when it first came out in April and it instantly became one of my favourite book of all time. The main thing I really loved about the book was how it was written in letters. It was quite like the Perks of Being a Wallflower except it was interesting that she wrote the letters to people who were dead but still existed as opposed to an imaginary friend. The book was so beautifully written though and there were thousands of beautiful quotes that I plan on hanging up in my room one day. I rated the book a very well deserved 4 and a half stars. I would highly highly recommend picking up this book especially in you like reading darker contempory books.

4.These Broken Stars by Aime Kaufman and Megan Spooner
I’m pretty sure this was one of the first books I’ve read this year but it’s stuck with me this whole time. I did read the second book this month, This Shattered World and although it was fantastic I did like the first one just a little bit better. What I really loved about this book was the characters and the amazing character development. The whole mystery to the book was also incredible and I can’t can’t can’t wait for the final book, which needs a title and cover right now!!!!! I rated this book 5 out of 5 stars (obviously).

3. Cress by Marissa Meyer
As you probably already know, Cress is the third book in The Lunar Chronicles. I really loved this series but this book by far was my favourite. I really loved all the character especially Cress, who I really related to. This book also made me really love Thorne who constantly made me laugh throughout the book. Also Cinder and Kai were so adorable in this book and definitly made me swoon more than a couple of times. The whole time while reading the book I couldn’t stop turning the pages and when I couldn’t read (when I was at school) it was all I could think about. This book definitely deserved my rating of 5 out of 5 stars. I would 100% recommend you read this book ASAP. Also just as a side note I am eagerly, but definitely not patiently, awaiting the last book in the series Winter. Only 11 months left!!!!!!!

2. Life In Outer Space by Melissa Keil
This is the only book in this list that wasn’t in my halfway through 2014’s list making it my favourite book from the second half of 2014. I pretty much rave about this book in every second post so I’ll try and keep it short this time. Basically this is probably the nerdiest, funniest and most overall amazing book you will ever read. I probably laughed more times while reading this book then I have in the whole rest of my life. The characters were so real and lovable you couldn’t help but really feel for them. The main character, Sam especially was super relatable and at the same time was super funny and awkward. I had such an enjoyable time reading this book and I definitely think more people should read it!! I couldn’t have given it anything less than 5 out of 5 stars!!!

1. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
Well this should be no surprise to anyone since I always rave about this book pretty much in every post. I finally got around to reading Cassandra Clare’s books this year and even though I loved all of them this one was definitely my favourite! The main thing I loved about this book, and the series in general are all of the characters. Cassandra Clare has the most amazing way of making you fall head over heels in love with all of the characters, even one’s you originally hated. I’m not really what else I could say about this book without going into a long rant over how much I adore this book and how in love I am with Will Herondale so I’ll better wrap it up. Basically, 5 out of 5 stars, READ IT RIGHT THIS SECOND IF YOU HAVEN’T YET and you can bet a billion dollars that I’m going to be reading all of Cassandra Clare’s books coming out from now until the end of time. 😀

So those are my favourite books that I’ve read this year. Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and if you loved them as much as I did 🙂 Hope you all had an amazing 2014 and I wish you all an even better 2015!!!! So until next year, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock xx


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