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We’ll Always Have Summer Book Review

We’ll Always Have Summer is the third and final book in the Summer Trilogy by Jenny Han.The story again follows the life of Belly and her relationship with Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher.

I wouldn’t recommend reading this review if you haven’t read the previous books. If you’d like to hear more about the first book, The Summer I Turned Pretty click here to read my review. If you want to hear about the second book, Its Not Summer Without You click here. If you have read the previous books you’re safe to keep reading. If you haven’t definitely go read them and come back!! See you for now!!

This book was set two years after the last book, where Belly has just finished her first year of college. She has also been dating Jeremiah for the last two years and they have so far been happy together. Although Belly thinks she’s over Conrad she realises that she just may still have feelings for him.

This book was defiantly my least favourite in the series. All of my feelings for the characters seemed to totally flip and some of the decisions the characters made were really immature and frankly, stupid. It was really annoying seeing the characters make these decisions without being able to do anything about it.

I would also just like to say that I was spoiled for a big part of the story which probably ruined more so the first book then this book but it still change my reading experience. The whole time I was expecting this one event to happen (if you’ve read the book you probably know what I’m talking about).

First of all, as usual, I’m going to talk about the characters starting of course with Belly. Belly in this book, seemed like a completely different Belly. She was a lot more mature, for the most part and had just seem so grown-up compared to how she was two years ago. She definitely annoyed me a lot less in this book but there is one certain decision she makes which defiantly got me pulling my hair out and seriously questioning her sanity. By the end of the book though you could definitely seen that Belly had grown up completely and that was really great to see.

I suppose next it seems fit to talk about Jeremiah. If you’ve read my other reviews you’d probably know that I really liked Jeremiah and was definitely on team Jeremiah in terms of the love triangle. In this book though it had completely changed. I’m not saying I hated Jeremiah, because I didn’t, no way, that would probably be impossible but I did have a number of issues with him. First of all he seemed really immature in this book which a couple of other characters also mentioned. He also made a number of mistakes in the book and made multiple bad decisions that made me really un-favour him. It also really got to me and frustrated me how much Jeremiah and Belly argued especially later on in the book. I did forgive him by the end of the book but I still haven’t totally gotten over what he said. I also didn’t like how he hardly talked with Conrad anymore and how he got super jealous when Belly and Conrad were even in the same room together.

Ahhhh Conrad… Again you may know that I really disliked Conrad in the previous books but yet again, my opinions completely flipped over in this book. For the first time I actually shipped Conrad and Belly. Compared to Jeremiah in this book Conrad seemed really sweet in this book and really caring toward Belly. This really surprised me since he acted like such a jerk toward her in the previous books. He also seemed to be really grown up and mature compared to the last book.

It was also great to read from his point of view in this book, which is probably the main reason why I started to like him.

In this book we also got to see Belly’s friend Taylor again as well as her new friend Anika. I really liked both of them in this book and I thought that they were great friends to Belly. Taylor especially, who I was surprised to see that they were still close friends.

We also see more of Belly’s mum in this book. I really liked Belly’s mum in this book and I liked her just as much, if not more in this book. I liked how firm and strong she was with Belly, and although it may have seemed mean to Belly you could see that her mum really cared about her. There were also more moments with Conrad and her mum and it was really nice to see and I really liked the close friendship they had.

I’m not really sure what else to say in this review that isn’t spoilery… All I can say that if it wasn’t for one immature and crazy decision that was made at the very start of the book, which consequences dragged on for the most part of the book I would have liked this book a lot better. Though if it wasn’t for the end, like the last chapter, I wouldn’t have liked it at all and would have rated it a LOT lower.

On Goodreads I rated this book 3 stars but it’s more like 2.5 stars- 2.75. It was mildly entertaining to read but I just hated all the annoy things that the characters did. The one reason I didn’t read this book as fast as the others was because I had to keep stopping and trying to make excuses for the characters stupidity.

The book still had a couple of cute moments, at the very very end which weren’t exactly worth reading the whole book for but still was a nice surprise.

I’m really sorry I couldn’t like this book more since everyone always raves about this series I think I just had way too high expectations.

Be sure to let me know what you thought of the series and comment which book in the series was your favourite. Thanks for reading and talk to you soon! 😀

Gabby The Dauntless Warlock


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